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Getting started
  1. Select an example or enter your own alignments file URL. To generate the alignments file, see the README
  2. Optionally add an annotation file in CSV format. The CSV file must have a header that includes the following fields: "ref,ref_start,ref_end,name" or "query,query_start,query_end,name", depending on which side the annotations belong to.
  3. Zoom in on a region of interest by dragging a rectangle around it. Zoom back out by double-clicking.



Dot is open source at

On DNAnexus, the featured project MUMmer + Dot contains a kit of things to get started with:

  • An Applet for running MUMmer's nucmer aligner that includes
  • A shortcut to Dot that automatically creates the necessary access URLs for your files stored on DNAnexus
  • Example initial data and results of the Applet, ready to use in Dot
If you cannot make a free DNAnexus account, then just download the script and run it on the output from MUMmer's nucmer aligner, which will give you the same results as the Applet on DNAnexus.